More About Me

An esteemed real estate salesperson from New York, Viviane Giraldi combines an internationalbackground with in-depth knowledge of the luxury marketplace and a unique ability to connect withpeople from all walks of life. A specialist in Greenwich, CT, Viviane expertly guides both buyers andsellers through the entire real estate process.

A former world traveler in the fashion industry, Viviane found Greenwich to be the perfect place tosettle and grow her young family. Her previous work afforded her the opportunity to travel to morethan 20 different countries while experiencing immense diversity in architecture, lifestyle and culture.These experiences have allowed her to seamlessly navigate the real estate industry and prepared her fora successful career in Connecticut. As a Greenwich transplant herself, she acts as an expert guide forinternational clients who are relocating, just as she did.

Known for her outgoing demeanor and honest approach, Viviane offers each and every client a stellarwork ethic and laser-like focus on achieving their goals. "For me, this isn't just a job, because I love whatI do," says Viviane. "I love to participate in this process, so I put 100% of my time and attention intoevery detail needed for a successful and smooth transaction."

Originally from Brazil and fluent in English, Italian and Portuguese, Viviane is a proud mother of two wholives in Greenwich. She enjoys the tranquil environment and takes every opportunity to engage with herneighbors and participate in her community.